We didn’t want to make any compromise in what would become the Studio 73.

For us, the building of the studio started by a good place, big enough, not too far away from Paris, a « large space » without any loadbearing wall or pillar.
It took us almost 5 years to find the best place where to build the studio, a 200 square meter, totally empty (no wall, no pillar), with a sufficient height, daylight and private gardens. Some kind of blessing !

Once the building was found, we called the ones we considered to be the best for the acoustic design : White Mark Limited. We trust them and also chose to work with their teams for building and monitoring system design.
It then took two months to the Oakwood Building Services’ team to do everything (litteraly everything !).
In the meantime we started our wiring and when the building team left, everything was ready to welcome the custom made Exigy monitoring system, the consoles (Neve BCM10 and Icon) and all the outboards.

Once the studio was fully loaded with gears and instruments, Matt Dobson himsef came to calibrate the monitoring system he built a few weeks before.

The studio opened in 2007 and since then we’ve been very happy to make music with a lot of people.
Be the next, come and say hi!. We’ll be very happy to welcome you at the Studio 73.

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