February / march 2012

Re-recording and surround mixing for Roberto Alagna (with Yvan Cassar, musical director) and Florent Pagny’s next DVD. Both projects were engineered by Bertrand Chatenet.


January 2012

After his mixes for Roberto Alagna in December, Bertrand Chatenet came back at the studio to mix Florent Pagny’s live recording.


December 2011

Yvan Cassar, musical director of the project, chose Studio 73 to mix Roberto Alagna’s live recording.


October – November 2011

First come to record only 3 tracks (produced by Mathieu Mendez) for his new LP, Matt Pokora literally felt in love with the studio. Both the artist and production team finally decided to stay at the studio for the entire project’s length.


We’ve been working on Thibaud’s new album. This album, his second one, will be recorded and mixed in September, October and November.


September 2011

This month has been very busy : we’ve also host Julien Vonarb working on the upcoming album of Florent Mothe (left pictures) and Gioacchino working for Izarry’s new project (right pictures).


April 2011

We love their AnaMod gear so it’s been a real pleasure to welcome  Greg Gualtieri and Dave Amels at the studio a few days after the Audio Days where they were demoing their products.



March 2011

We’ve been happy to open our studio for the project « Paroles de femmes » with some of the most famous French female voices recorded here : Liane Foly, Hélène Ségara, Tina Arena, Joyce Jonathan and Shy’m ; while the whole project was mixed at Studio 73.


November 2010

Kat De Luna and Jean Roch recorded their duo at Studio 73.


September 2010

We’ve worked on Mani’s project for My Major Company.


May 2010

Recording Stanislas’ new opus « Les lignes de la main » we recorded the Paris Pop Orchestra.


 Septembre 2009

Working for Stanislas album : les carnets de la vigie.


Août 2009

Calogero came to the studio to record bass for the album of his friend Stanislas.


April 2009

It’s been an honor and a real test to host the famous Ken Allardyce for voice recording and mixing session of Hugues Aufray’s new project « New Yorker », a tribute to Bob Dylan with French famous singers as guests : Eddy Mitchell, Alain Souchon, Francis Cabrel, Laurent Voulzy, Carla Bruni…