September 2012

The month started with Florent Pagny’s upcoming album mixing by Bertrand Chatenet and directed by Yvan Cassar. The ideal moment to install our « new » Lexicon 480L processor !

Keep on working on Johnny Hallyday’s next LP : recording Hammond B3 organ.

And then it’s been our friend Mathieu Mendes’ turn to finalize the mixes of his album, to be released before the end of the year.


August 2012

We’ve been very honored to host guitars recording for Johnny Hallyday’s upcoming LP, engineered by Grammy award winner Ryan Freeland and French engineer François Gauthier, played by Pierre Jaconelli and directed by Yvan Cassar.

And then we hosted another historic band – La Compagnie Créole – to record vocals for their next LP.
It’s was a chance to welcome again our friend Hugues Aufray (who recorded vocal parts for his last album at the studio in April 2009) and two « new comers » (for the studio) : Lynnsha and Moussier Tombola.



July 2012

Only a few weeks after Johnny Hallyday’s microphones tests, Florent Pagny came to the studio for the same kind of session. The goal : to find the microphone that will best match his voice for the recording of his new album’s vocals.


June 2012

First in the process of the next Johnny Hallyday’s LP : microphone choice.
It was the perfect opportunity to collect some of the best microphone available for a special vocal shootout (Telefunken, Manley, Josephson, FLEA, AEA…)